Credit management is a priority for companies in risk assessment.

When the company is faced with an unexpected risk, it is necessary to introduce a credit management activity to prevent the lack of liquidity.

Anticipating the risks.

We have been talking about it for many years now, certainly since the 2008 crisis, the company policies based on a preventive vision in credit management are winning.

Securing tomorrow by anticipating risks means protecting yourself from a whole series of unforeseen events that companies will be forced to face if they have not adopted an adequate credit management system.

It is no coincidence that recourse to credit recovery is a widespread practice today due to a crisis that has seen an unpredictable surge in recent months. This is an activity that, when followed and organized by consultants and experienced professionals, allows you to speed up revenue and cash flows and therefore help entrepreneurs quickly adapt to the new market situation.

To avoid crisis situations and protect the company from risks, it is possible to use an advanced resource, that of credit management, which focuses entirely on the preventive action of non-payments, avoiding the risk of insolvency as much as possible.

The cost of security: an investment to foresee.

Among the preventive measures to avoid loss of turnover as much as possible, we highlight credit management that anticipates and minimizes business risks, safeguarding cash liquidity and eliminating the risk of non-payments at source.

A solution that is based on the preventive analysis of the potential customer, adopted by credit managers who use data and financial information to lay the foundations for a correct company policy, allowing the entrepreneur to always have the situation under his control.

Today, companies that have taken this path and have therefore safeguarded their revenue with adequate credit management are able to bear the extraordinary costs required by the time.

The role of the head of the prevention and protection service.

The Italian business system is in fact subjected to an extraordinary investment to adapt the workplace to a series of mandatory prevention measures, such as: 

  • constant information to the worker on the safety rules to follow
  • company entry regulations
  • sanitizing of environments
  • inserting the safety devices
  • checking shared spaces
  • smart working management
  • organization of work shifts
  • health check in the company.

The coordination of all these activities is followed by the head of the RSPP prevention and protection service, a figure already mandatory within each company.  This is a fundamental role to ensure maximum safety for workers, carrying out a prevention service to protect the workplace. A figure who works closely with workers’ representatives, doctors and administrators to whom he presents an evaluation document of the place of activity and indicates the guidelines to be followed to introduce and adopt all the necessary measures, thus avoiding incurring burdensome consequences sanctions.

The so-called RSPP is today a fundamental role to guarantee national safety standards in the workplace. The aforementioned figure, at the end of the analyzes carried out, will prepare a risk assessment document, legally proven by elements and a certain date, an indispensable requirement to certify its validity.

It is therefore evident that the costs required by companies for the resumption of activities were extremely severe, especially for all those entrepreneurial realities that were not able to put in place secure your loan portfolio with controlled and provident management.

Our group, made up of lawyers and consultants who are experts in the various areas of risk management and legal assistance, ensures you maximum support in the protection, management and recovering your credits . We are the resource you need to develop your business and make it successful.

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