How to choose the right debt collection company for your needs


Having a correct and effective credit management improves your business. In order not to waste time and money, the first rule is to rely on an experienced, effective and decisive partner.

The credit situation in Italy

One of the most widespread problems of the Italian business system (and of many freelancers) is the difficulty in recovering one’s credits. An argument strongly linked to the slowness of the Italian bureaucracy and the widespread practice of postponing payments over time, causing a ripple effect for all supply chains.
Before making you understand what is the best way to solve the problem of your bad debts, it is important to explain the difference between judicial and extrajudicial procedure:

  • the judicial procedure is all that passes through a court, regulated by the law that indicates the correct procedure to be followed by relying on the protection of the judges. The law relates to the code of civil procedure or the code of criminal procedure, depending on which right is infringed. Times and methods are essential and must respect a process that cannot be avoided.
  • on the other hand, if the procedure takes place outside a court and without leading back to a code, then we speak of out-of-court procedure, that is, it does not fall under the control of the judge or a public official. It is understood that it is not possible to violate laws that oblige a specific behavior.

A real watershed in front of which you will find yourself in the event that the non-payment of your credits has become unmanageable. To maximize the final result, get back some money and then recover the liquidity you need to grow your business, the most effective and efficient solution is to rely in both cases on accredited professionals in the sector.

Collection company: a reliable partner

Both in the case of judicial procedure and in the case of credit recovery out of court, the however, the practice must be instructed and managed only by reliable and experienced professionals, who know how to start a correct procedure according to the required procedures.

First of all, the agencies of credit recovery of high level analyze the situation in be, or they ensure that the recovery procedure is feasible, putting in place a team of credit managers assisted by professionals capable of recovering all the information concerning the financial and financial situation of the debtor by identifying personal and working data, thanks to specific databases of different areas of competence (municipalities of residence, chambers of commerce, credit institutions, PRA for motor vehicles, etc.).

After having collected all the necessary data, the credit recovery companies must move to the based on customer requests, in total good faith and with the utmost respect for professional ethics.

When the credit recovery is feasible in a “good-natured” way (in the case in which it is decided to proceed out of court) the professional you have relied on will proceed as follows:

  • make a payment reminder via PEC or registered mail (with payment order within 7 days.
  • initiates a series of telephone reminders to arrive at an amicable resolution of the debt.

Any telephone reminder from a company of credit recovery must be made from a number visible, certifying the professionalism of the operators: in the event that positive responses are not received, an intervention will be carried out on the spot through accredited officials.
If the procedure initiated with a negotiation such as this does not lead to the desired results, or the payment of your debt, then the debtor is placed in default, informing him with registered A / R or PEC the payment of the amount due within a maximum deadline set. . If you have reached the end, the credit recovery company to which you have relied will not was able to obtain the recovery of the credit, the lawyers will be able to present to the competent court an appeal for an injunction and the subsequent and possible procedures to reach the compulsory recovery of the credit.

Choose expertise and experience

Relying on a company like ours, which has the utmost competence in both areas of recovery credits (extrajudicial and judicial), you can quickly get back your money.

We manage negotiations with seriousness and fairness, maintaining a conciliatory and collaborative attitude, a method that is also convenient for your debtors, thus avoiding suffering heavy foreclosures and reports to the interbank system.

We immediately establish a relationship of excellent assistance and constant advice with all our customers, offering the opportunity to check at any time the progress and progress of the practice inherent in the credit recovery procedure. In the event that the amicable negotiation is not successful, our team of lawyers is available to intervene in court, always ensuring the utmost professionalism and incisiveness.

Now that you have all the necessary information, don’t waste time and money, your credits are waiting to be recovered!

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